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  1. Denisha says:

    I completely agree with Penny – your writing is so evocative with those small intensely flavoured details. The bit about the sound of the needles and the deiosiptrcn of how you sat made my eyes sting. Just lovely. The lines about being taught made me laugh – my Gran taught me and my sister together. She was five years younger than me and a million times better and I abandoned my scarf in disgust vowing to give knitting a miss. I’ve recently had another go which went better but missed her guiding eye. Thank you for sharing

  2. The tactic now is to link the opposition to same-sex marriage with HATE. This means no discussion, no differences of opinion tolerated. It’s the same as the RACIST meme. It’s used to shut people up. For if the national media really had an open discussion of just what so much of the so-called gay lifestyle is all about and really took a hard look at what goes on–there would be groundswell support to put homosexuality back into the DSM.

  3. Du er bare så pæn, og den bluse er sindsygt smuk Jeg skal 1 uge til Skagen i sommerhus med min kæreste senere på sommeren Så kryds fingre for godt vejr

  4. http://www./ says:

    I believe this gives us a bit over $1 million in cap space. If Korpikoski were to be deemed not ready and sent back to Hartford, or if Prucha were to be moved, giving us over $2 million, I would welcome the signing of Mats Sundin, not Brendan Shanahan, on a pro-rated contract for a half or three quarters of the season. Sundin would provide way more offense than Shanahan could in 2 more seasons.

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